Purchase roundup

Although I’ve not updated any of my blogs for ages, I’ve been actively accumulating stuff for future electronics projects via crowdfunding websites and various other sources.

BE Maker


The first campaign I backed was this one on Indiegogo.

I backed at the $69 level and when they later offered 5 BE boards (Arduino clones) for $50 I took them up on that as well.

BE board

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Lab power supply – Part 1

I’ve got several projects on my mind, all of which will need a power supply.

I’ve considered using a model railway controller or a car battery charger, but I think it’d be more fun to convert an old computer PSU.

I got rid of some computers last year, but I still have a couple I can cannibalise.

I’ve bought some parts off eBay so I can do it properly:

Binding posts

Binding posts

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Aggravated what now?

I started blogging about woodworking (Aggravated Woodbutchery) and then metalworking (Aggravated Metalbutchery), so when I decided to blog about computers and electronics I kept to the theme 🙂

Although I have a few ideas, I’m probably going to post on this blog even less than any of my others.

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